July 7, 2014 – Jeff Petry, Inside the Stripes, Derek Laxdal

Rick Carrier – Oilers Senior Director of Player Development

Jeff Petry – Oilers Defenseman

Bud Steen – Inside the Stripes – Part 1

Bud Steen – Inside the Stripes – Part 2

Derek Laxdal – Texas Stars Head Coach

Marcel Desjardins – Ottawa REDBLACKS General Manager

Ed Hervey – Eskimos General Manager


May 22, 2014 – Mike Reilly, Yukon Jack, Derek Laxdal

Scott Flory – CFLPA President

Michael Copeland – CFL President & COO

Derek Laxdal – Oil Kings Head Coach

Yukon Jack – 100.3 The Bear

George Richards – Miami Herald – Panthers News

Mike Reilly – Eskimos Quarterback

March 5, 2014 – Trade Deadline Coverage

Guy Flaming – Pipeline Show 

Matt Sammon – Tampa Bay Lightning Radio Host 

Mike Greenlay – Minnesota Wild Analyst 

Craig MacTavish Press Conference 

Paul Plakas – Workout Wednesday 

December 9, 2013 – Ray Ferraro, Ryan Rishaug, NFL News

John Forslund – Carolina Hurricanes Play-by-Play 

Ray Ferraro – TSN Hockey Analyst 

Jon Marks – 97.5 The Fanatic – Philadelphia 

Jason McKee – Spruce Grove Saints Head Coach 

Jonathan Comey – The Standard-Times – Patriots News 

Josh Yohe – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 

Ryan Rishaug – TSN 

Jason Gregor 

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Coach of the Week – Joanne Devlin-Morrison

Below is the email we received from Ross, nominating Joanne as our Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week.

Hi Jason,

Here is a nomination for your coach of the week program. My son and daughter both train with the club.

The Greater Edmonton Racing Canoe and Kayak club is a small but very dedicated group of children, youth and adults who are strongly held together by their coach, Joanne Devlin-Morrison. Joanne guides and trains her athletes as if they were Olympians, which she someday hopes they are. Her dedication to her athletes is immense and includes; setting up weekly programs for her athletes which includes both paddling and dry-land training. She is present for all 11 training sessions a week (2X a day during the week and a long Saturday practice), often with her 2 children in tow.

During the winter she travels to the locations that the athletes use for weight training, making sure that they are doing everything in a safe and productive manner as well as leading them in cardio activities including cross country skiing, trail running and swimming. During the summer there are very few regattas in the Edmonton area, consequently Joanne needs to travel with the team to these events. This year alone the team travelled to Seattle, New York, B.C. twice, Saskatoon, Regina twice, Ontario and Halifax. Again she often went to these events, living out of a hotel room, with her own children joining her.

The sport also has the unique challenge of that everywhere you go you need to take your boats with you, and they are not easy to transport. Often this task also falls to Joanne. Following the trip out to Ontario Joanne finished off the trip by spending almost a week on the road driving the trailer full of boats back to Alberta. In Edmonton she often has a boat or two strapped to the roof of her car transporting them between the river and a small lake used for training. Joanne is a talented, upbeat individual who brings the best out of her athletes. The athletes she works with are a very diverse group that includes everything from children who have never paddled before up to para-olympic athletes competing at world championships, and every athlete in between.

I hope you consider Joanne for your coach of the week.

Ross Ehalt

Congratulations, Joanne!

If you would like to nominate a deserving coach, email gregor@theteam1260.com

Coach of the Week – Karen MacCallum

Congratulations, Karen MacCallum, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week. Below is the letter we received from Susan, telling us why Karen deserved this award.


My daughter’s soccer coach was Karen McCallum. She coached my daughter Amanda on the Aspen Gardens Under 12 Girls team this year. She took a team of girls that started with varying degrees of ability and were losing all their initial games, to division winners. She had the ability to quickly teach them technical skills, strategy and how to play as one unit… it was a turnaround success story not seen since Moneyball! The girls on the team thought she was an amazing inspiring coach.


If you would like to nominate a deserving coach, email gregor@theteam1260.com

Coach of the Week – Amanda Trenchard

Congratulations Amanda, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week and our first female winner! Below is the emailwe received from Jenny, nominating Amanda.

I would like to nomintate Amanda Trenchard Edmonton’s Special Olympics Soccer coach for coach of the week. Amanda is very dedicate shae works a job theat requires shift work and she will still coach even if she hasn’t slept.

She is very patient, encourging, and happy Person.

Jenny Murray

If you would like to nominate a deserving coach, email gregor@theteam1260.com

Coach of the Week – Jose Capitao

Congratulations, Jose Capitao, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week. Below is the email we received from James, telling why Jose was deserving of the award.

I would like to nominate Jose Capitao for a coach of the week award. He is a coach for the Lep Tigers rugby club.

Jose epitomizes individual development, player recruitment and strengthens support of rugby in Canada. He betters every team member and the sport in general. When Jose 1st became a coach he vowed to become the type of coach that he always wanted as a young player. His work ethic and natural teaching skills have helped him to achieve his goal!!!!


If you would like to nominate a deserving coach, email gregor@theteam1260.com

Coach of the Week – Randy Maxfield

Congratulations Randy Maxfield, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week.

Below is the email we received from Sheldon, nominating Randy.

Gregor, I would like to nominate my son’s spring hockey coach, Randy Maxfield. Randy is a minor hockey executive member in Fort Sask, looking after equipment for all of the minor hky teams. Not only does he volunteer to coach in the winter, and handle the equipment and jersey rentals, but he continues this hard work by organizing, managing and coaching a peewee spring hockey team that plays in the Edmonton Spring Super League.

The kids love him, he is a super role model!

Sheldon Bossert

If you would like to nominate a deserving coach, email gregor@theteam1260.com