Proud to announce that Collins Steel has become a major sponsor for Gregor’s
Grads. They are committed to the community and want to help our young graduates.


What is Gregor’s Grads?

Gregor’s Grads started in 2014 after seeing a need to help. We provide a new suit, shirt, tie, belt, socks and shoes for high school students in the Edmonton and surrounding area for their graduation. And to those students who don’t have the funds to purchase their own. High school students’ needs can often go unnoticed in the community as they often try to blend in and are very private regarding their financial situation. These young men (and women) are frequently forgotten when it comes to receiving much-needed assistance.

Gregor’s Grads was formed to fill this gap by offering a helping hand to these deserving students. We believe that by providing financially-challenged students with a sense of normalcy and enabling them to participate in graduation will foster pride, self-esteem and allow them to move forward to the next phase in their lives with wonderful memories and a new suit they can call their own.

     The Gregor Community Support Foundation corporate number is: 5017763573


Here are a few examples of letters we have received from boys who received a suit from Gregor’s Grads.

Gregor’s Grads,

Thank You Gregor’s Grads for the blessing that I desperately needed this year. Your gift gave me comfort and serenity. Without your thoughtfulness I would have been troubled. You made my graduation day a blast. I am truly thankful and I appreciate your present.

Cody Cardinal.

Gregor Foundation,

My name is Tristan and I was one person who was impacted by your generosity of the Gregor Foundation Suit Program for my graduation. For all of us at our school, district and city we thank you ever so much for giving us the pride to cross the stage in a magnificent and inspiring suit. I am truly thankful for this opportunity I was given, and I’m glad to know that in the future there will be other students who will be given the same.

I wish the Founder, Mr. Gregor, and all the volunteers and donours who help make this happen a wonderful and prosperous live.

Thank you,


Dear Gregor Foundation,

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness donating the beautiful suit for me. It brought smiles to my face, warmed my heart and lifted my spirits. Without your help and generous act, I would not have been able to attend commencement and graduation banquet in his awesome suit you gave me as a gift.

It meant so much to me. I am so delighted and impressed. My family hardly make ends meet and we couldn’t afford to buy such an amazing suit as the one you gave me.

That’s why I thank you so much again, from the bottom of my heart. You made my grad events the best days of my life.

With love and appreciation,




1. Who qualifies to receive a suit?

    • Students whose high school teacher or counsellor puts forth a recommendation to Gregor’s Grads. We work directly with the schools to find the students who need our help.


2. How can I donate?

    • Send an email to and Jason Gregor can arrange an easy form of donation. We only take financial donations. We don’t take suit donations anymore as we learned it was too difficult to fit them to high school boys. We recommend dropping them off at Employabilities. They can use them at

3. What percentage or my donation goes to the graduate?

    • 100% of funds raised will go directly towards the purchase of suits. All board members are volunteers; we have no paid employees or administration fees.

4. When and where will the students be fitted for their suits?

    • The official fitting day will be announced closer to graduation season. This year we are pleased to announce that fittings will be at Mr Derk (8111-102 street). Mr Derk has generously donated their space and tailoring services. Their support has been essential to the programs success and we are very grateful for their involvement.



Thank you for your interest in supporting Gregor’s Grads and helping us make a difference for many young boys in Edmonton who have often been overlooked, and who would otherwise be unable attend their graduation without your support.

~ Jason Gregor

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  3. Shane Symyrozum says:

    I ma a high school teacher at a special needs school where many of our grads aren’t able financially to get a grad suit or dress. For years, Gregor’s Grads have been outfitting many of our students. Just this morning, a young lady who got a dress and accessories came back to class and said she “was in her own little heaven” with all the pretty dresses. I have never seen her so happy. Grad dress, shoes, purse, and bracelet. All in her favorite color. Thank you, Jason. You are a credit to this city in so many ways!

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