Coach of the Week – Hunter Marchesi – November 1, 2013

Congratulations to Hunter Marchesi, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week.  Below is the nomination email we received from Ryan.

Hunter Marchesi Interview

Nomination Email:

I coach Atom football and we have a young man of 15 who coaches our Defense. He played for the O’Leary Spartans as LB along with being a teenager. This fella is truly one of a kind. Kids love him, parents love him and he has the respect of his fellow coaches and others in our league. His name is Hunter Marchesi. His defense has gone 7-0 in regular season and not one team has dropped more than 18 on them all season. The time and understanding he has with the kids is beyond his 15 years.

Ryan Lowther

Coach of the Week – Corey Colwell – October 11, 2013

Congratulations to Corey Colwell, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week.  Below is the nomination email we received from Hunter.

Corey Colwell Interview

Nomination email:

Hello, I would like to nominate my football coach, Corey Colwell. He is the head coach for the Breton Cougar Football team. He wakes up at 5:30 Monday to Friday every week during football season. He also is the head coach of our junior football team, whom practise both Monday and Wednesday and don’t end until 5:30. All this extra time he spends coaching he’s doing on his own time, and not being paid. He has brought our football program two championships since its start in 2007, and looking for another this season. He also spends a lot of time driving us back and forth to jamborees and games. He is very dedicated to the game and an awesome coach, and that is why the Breton Cougars think that Coach Colwell should be not just coach of the week, but coach of the year! Thanks.

Coach of the Week – Dave Sander – October 4, 2013

Congratulations to Dave Sander, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week.  Below is the nomination email we received from Jenny.

Dave Sander Interview

Nomination email:

Coach Dave Special Olympics competitive girls soccer coach. I would like to nominate Dave for all his hard work preparing us for the special olympics provincials where us being the only all girls team in Alberta competing against mixed teams won silver he is also supportive and encouraging.

Jenny M

Coach of the Week – Rick Ramsay – September 20, 2013

Congratulations to Rick Ramsay, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week.  Below is the nomination email we received from Trent.

Rick Ramsay Interview

Nomination email:

I would like to nominate Rick Ramsay as a candidate for Coach of the Week honors.

Rick is the coach of my daughters U-14 A+ Sherwood Park Rock ringette team. We have had the pleasure of having Rick coach our daughter for 6 of the 8 years she has played ringette.

Rick has this unusual gift of getting the most out of his players while having them all still love him by the end of the season. He is the ultimate player’s coach with a line in the sand the players know they can’t cross. He is a coaching coach and not a spectator coach. What I mean by that is he doesn’t just watch the game and coach between periods, he coaches the girls right away during the game letting them know their mistakes as well as celebrating their good play. He NEVER yells at the girls, he talks to them at their level and looks them in the eye to see they understand him. He is extremely prepared when it comes to practices and our girls are ALWAYS better players at the end of the year than they were at the start. I’ve been close enough to the bench on more than one occasion and everything on the bench is so positive it’s no wonder he’s so successful. We have had a lot of success over the years as far as the wins and losses go with this past year being our best. We went undefeated with only 1 tie being our only blemish and were crowned provincial champions in Medicine Hat.

Rick has taught our daughter so much about the game of ringette as well as plenty of life lessons along the way. Jenna, our daughter, absolutely loves Rick Ramsay and really hopes he’s her coach every year. We appreciate all that Rick has done for not only our daughter but also for everyone who comes in contact with him. He has given SO MUCH back to ringette in Sherwood Park and I believe for this as well as everything I said previous he should be considered for coach of the week honors.

Thank you for your time.


Coach of the Week – Scott Wiseman – April 5, 2013

Congratulations to Scott Wiseman, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week.  Below is the nomination email we received from Robert.

Scott Wiseman Interview 

Scott Wiseman

Nomination email:

I would like to nominate Scott Wiseman for the Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week. Scott is a bowling coach in Sherwood Park and has been a coach to young bowlers for nine years. Before taking an active role as a coach, Scott has been a mentor to young bowlers in Sherwood Park for over twenty years.

Scott met me before I was born as him and his wife Wendy were a young couple on my parent’s bowling team when my Mom was pregnant. Now, I got to know Scott while I grew up in Sherwood Park as Scott was always a friendly face at the bowling alley and was always there with a tip to help out or just a patient ear to listen to me vent. Scott is unrelentingly positive and has an infectious attitude that makes you want to perform for him. Scott is a perfect example of the kind of coach you want your kids to have. He emphasizes fun, but he also helps with focus and discipline and consistency on the lanes.

Scott has coached children from the age of four years old to nineteen and has been a trusted and friendly voice in the bowling community for over thirty years now. Scott was selected as a coach at the Alberta Bowling School in both Calgary and Edmonton in each of the past three years. I’ve spoken to the boys at the bowling alley and we couldn’t think of a day of the week when he isn’t there helping out in some way. Scott initiated a drop-in night at Sherwood Bowl in 2011 that offers instruction to both adult bowlers. Scott originally got involved with the coaching side of bowling when his twin boys (Tim and Dexter) were young bowlers. Both of them are also well regarded in the bowling community and have grown into outstanding adult bowlers now. With both of his sons graduated from the Youth Bowling program, Scott has gotten even more involved in coaching and has dedicated himself to being the best coach possible. Scott’s passion for what he does is infectious as he has gotten both of his boys as well as his wife Wendy heavily involved with the youth bowling program in Sherwood Park.

Just last week, Scott led the Sherwood Park Bantam Girls to the 2013 National Championships in Vancouver after having won both the Edmonton Zone and the Provincial Championships.


Robert Parks

Coach of the Week – Eric Motut – March 28, 2013

Congratulations to Eric Motut, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week.  Below is the nomination email we received from Jeannine.

Eric Motut Interview

Eric Motut

I would like to nominate Eric Motut as coach of the week.  He is a teacher at Cardinal Leger junior high school and coachs the senior girls volleyball team and senior boys basketball team.  He gives of his time and has gotten the girls volleyball to the city finals for the past two years and this year his boys basketball team were great.

Jeannine Chemello


Coach of the Week – Jeff Morgan – March 15, 2013

Congratulations to Jeff Morgan, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week.  Below is the nomination email we received from Sheldon.

Jeff Morgan Interview

Jeff Morgan


I would like to nominate my daughters U12 Ringette coach, Mr. Jeff Morgan.

Jeff is a local realtor here in the community of Fort Saskatchewan. My daughter’s team did not have a ringette coach at the beginning of the year, and as parents, we thought we would end up “coaching by committee”. However, Jeff has taken the reins, and done an outstanding job with the young girls. He has encouraged them through individual emails, phone calls, and organizing team breakfasts after games. Wins have not been easy to come by for the U12 team this year, but through it all, he has kept the girls’ spirits high, and their confidence in themselves and each other is truly heartwarming to see.

The kids love him, he is a super role model!

Sheldon Bossert

Coach of the Week – Vince Akinoyde – March 8, 2013

Congratulations to Vince Akinoyde, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week.  Below is the nomination email we received from Dean.

Vince Akinoyde Interview

Vince Akinoyde

I would like to nominate Vince Akinoyde.  He is a hip hop teacher/coach in Edmonton, teaching at a number of studios including his own Eye Candy Studio.

Vince teaches two of my daughters, and has been instrumental in them loving dance.  My oldest daughter, Reagan, takes many hip hop classes and it was his initial inspiration that compelled her to pursue hip hop as her main dance focus.

I am continually blown away by his generosity.  He does much that is above and beyond – from ‘putting on’ students that he does not teach at festivals, to giving rides, to donating his time.  He’s a really great guy, and he is teaching mostly adolescent and teenage girls.  This is NOT an easy task, but he nails it.  They respect him, listen to him and trust him.

He put together a special crew, not taking payment for his services.  This crew went on to win many awards and festivals, culminating with an appearance on Canada’s Got Talent.

Vince encourages, inspires and demands the best.  His expectations are high, but he pulls his students to get there.

My wife and I have known Vince as our daughter’s teacher for 7 years now.  Our respect for him continues to grow. He is most deserving of any recognition that would come his way.


Dean Kurpjuweit

Coach of the Week – Maillie Harris – March 1, 2013

Congratulations to Maillie Harris, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week.  Below is the nomination email we received from Mike.

Maillie Harris Interview

Maillie Harris coaches the Oilers Octane cheerleaders and they all work hard as I know the Octane are not paid and volunteer to be members of the team. I think it would be good to reward the coach as well as give some more exposure to their squad for the hard work they put in, especially in the community as the lockout continued on.


Coach of the Week – Blair Krause – February 22, 2013

Congratulations to Blair Krause, our latest Elite Sportswear Coach of the Week.  Below is the nomination email we received from Ravi.

Blair Krause Interview  

I would like to nominate Blair Krause for coach of the week. Watching him grow up through high school and phasing out (too small) for University ball – he never lost that drive to teach and be taught about the game. He brings the same passion and youthful enthusiasm (mid 20’s) to his small town team in Piegon Lake. He drives kids to produce at their best, always rolls four lines, and most importantly, believes in his kids. Like Krueger, he’s an effective communicator, and extends the sports metaphor into life – which is something that rarely gets talked about. As a young coach, he is incredibly well respected (even managing to snag his girlfriend to assistant with him for one year) and has a drive to the game that is difficult to find in this day and age where extra-curricular “volunteer coaching” isn’t necessarily the thing people are jumping at to do.